Fly and enjoy New York City view as you soar above Manhattan’s famous skyline on an exciting airplane ride.


  • Private Aerial NYC tour
    Experience New York City through the eyes of a local private guide, each can be customized just for you. Take to the skies on an airplane tour to see New York’s amazing skyline! On this scenic airplane flight you’ll soar through the sky and experience a bird’s eye view of Manhattan’s world famous landmarks. This is the best view you can get of New York City! If you haven’t been to Manhattan before, you’ll probably want to visit the major sites like Times Square, Central Park and the Statue of Liberty with us you will be able to fly over Manhattan and see it in the palm of your had. Come face-to-face with the iconic Statue of Liberty. Fly over landmarks such as Hudson and Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Governor’s island and the East River (Brooklyn), Wall Street, and Central Park. The perfect way to view the New York skyline! Live commentary provided in-flight
Fly in well maintained, by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certified mechanics the FAA standards.
  • Experience the thrill
    After taking off you will fly along the Hudson River. See Downtown Manhattan, the Financial District, Ellis and Governors Island and the world famous Statue of Liberty, which has become synonymous with America’s most fundamental value, freedom. Don’t forget to pack your camera for unique shots of this famous landmark! 
Fly over Central Park, check out the George Washington Bridge from above and enjoy amazing views of bustling Times Square and the world-famous Madison Square Garden. USS Intrepid and fly over the most passed-through point in the history of immigration, Ellis Island. You’ll be able to see it all without battling the crowds on this New York City airplane tour!
This is the perfect vantage point to take in New York’s skyline. Don’t miss out on this incredible scenic airplane flight!

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Exclusive opportunity for amateur and professional photographers – shoot your pictures or video and enjoy a sightseeing experience .


  • Aerial photography
    Because anything capable of being viewed from a public space is considered outside the realm of privacy in the United States, aerial photography may legally document features and occurrences on private property

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  • Breathtaking views
    You’ll experience breathtaking views of New York City, your opportunity for aerial photography
    We use our airplane to photograph real estate, golf courses, commercial facilities, shopping centers and construction projects for clients all over the U.S.

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On demand aerial production, traffic watch, and survey work

  • Aerial Survey work
    We offer a wide variety of services for both the business customer and individual. Traffic watch, survey work.
  • Aerial Traffic Watch
    We operate Cessna 172 airplanes to accommodate all of your aviation needs!!
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Is learning to fly something you’ve often think about? NYC Air Service has exceptional flight training instructors!


  • Structured Training
    We provide structured training required to obtain a pilots certificate ranging from a Private Pilot up to ATP flying for the major airlines. If your desire to fly is for personal pleasure the first step is to find a professional FAA licensed flight instructor to begin your journey.

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  • Fit your busy schedule
    NYC Air Service offers the finest quality training available in general aviation today.
    We will make your dream to fly convenient with early morning and evening instruction times to fit your busy schedule.

Watch Your Profits Soar With Aerial Advertising

  • Grab people’s attention
    Set your business apart from your competitors.Get your company, products or services known. Have an aerial advertisement flown over a well populated area in the vicinity of where your business is located.
  • What’s Different about Aerial Advertising?
    It’s proven that when people hear a plane they immediately look up. They will actually stop and take the time to read what is written on the banner.
    This is an excellent way to grab people’s attention.

Our Services

  • Sightseeing tours
  • Proposal Flights
  • Aerial photography
  • Real Estate surveys
  • Flight Training
  • Traffic Watch
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • First Flight Experience
  • Night Romantic Flights

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Tour around Manhattan

The best and most experienced airplane sightseeing service offers customers the opportunity to see New York City and the surrounding area in a whole new way – from the skies!. THIS AIRPLANE FLIGHT OFFERS SPECTACULAR VIEWS AND LENDS A UNIQUE TOUCH TO A SPECIAL OCCASION. NYC AIR SERVICE RIDES ARE A GREAT WAY TO GET A LOOK AT THE CITY AND SOME OF THE LANDMARKS THAT YOU’RE USED TO SEEING ON GROUND LEVEL. Offering exhilarating New York sightseeing opportunities. NYC Air cervices delivers unparalleled safety records and a commitment to customer service – you WILL see more than you ever imagined when you step into one of our airplanes. Just like many of our past customers, you’ll want to tell your friends all about it! Every trip with us is an unforgettable one.


13246_687652564585370_866932257_nI never thought aerial sightseeing in NYC could be so easy. Just click and get ready to go.

I‘m in love with NYCAirService and will use it every chance I get. Everything was perfect from beginning to end. Thank you so much for everything

TA, Rochester MN